Shunde Lecong  Furniture Professional Market

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The furniture stores in Lecong,many manufactures have settled here,so,every furniture store have the function of both wholesale and retailing,while others will make wholesalers satisfied.Broadly speaking,the Redstar,Macalline in Lecong,the center of exihibition of Louvre furniture,Dynasty furniture in Shunde,the north district of Shunlian Furniture City,these four large malls,are retail-based,but also run wholesale operation,other malls like Tuanyi,Donghen,Nanhua,Zhidongfang,Dongming,are wholesale-based,but also run retail operetion.The majority of the sales are wholesale or retail,that’s because of the situation of the manufactures.


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Taking the Redstar,Macalline in Lecong as the example,the manufacturers that settled in it is mostly the large manufacturers with great scale,these manufacturers have a great awareness of brand,and excellent system of products,providing a full set of supporting products from the living room to the bedroom,if you are the retail buyer,it will be the best choice buy things in this kind of one-stop shopping mall like Redstar,Macalline.The scale of the Redstar,Macalline in Lecong,the center of exihibition of Louvre furniture in Shunde,the north district of Shunlian Furniture City,is alike Redtail.Consumers can go directly to the mall to find their ideal furniture.

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Many highly specialized manufacturers have settled in the wholesale furniture stores,the scale of these manufacturers are not necessarily small,but their product lines are genernally narrow.Some do not provide furniture factory finished furniture,only provide semi-finished furniture.For example,some stores only provide marble desk stop to buyers,you will need to purchase table frame from another store. Of course,there are also some relatinely long product lines of manufacturers,if you are professional enough,you can be the artist in these mall doing DIY,with little money.Of course,It can save money,but the risk would be buying useless products.The situation of the wholesale and retail of Lecong furniture city is shown in the dimensional map of a Chinese furniture shopping guide website.