Zhanxi Road is the main area for shoe wholesale market. There are over 15 tall buildings in the area for all different styles, different quality and price range. Many of them are wholesaler and they have inventory on hand so that you can take and go with you. For the first-time businessman, it might be better to try out small quantity with the wholesalers.  Some are manufacturer sale office, and they only take orders. Usually, order under 200 pcs for same style will not be acceptable. Of course, exception might apply; it depends on how you could negotiate with the factories. Most of them are both inventory-stored wholesaler and order-taking factories.












Global International shoes trade centre  (步云天地)

Description: Global International shoes trade centre is also known as Bu Yun Tian Di Shoes World. It is one of Guangzhou main shoes wholesale centres. Seven floors of modern facilities, high and medium quality shoes and shoes material. Both men’s, women’s and kids’ shoes.

The market consists of two different segments – one is for finished shoes products and the other one is for shoes materials, such as leather, PU, buckles and more. The shoe materials segment is larger than the one for finished shoes. The quality in the market is generally very good and most shops offer real leather products. You can find quality brand replicas in the basement.

Address:Zhan Xi Road 26# 广州市站西路26号步云天地













Euro Commercial Plaza Shoes City (欧陆鞋城)

Description: Euro Commercial Plaza Shoes City is an established distributing center for shoes in Guangzhou serving all of China. Four floors of wholesale shops with generally quite good quality.

Address: No.24 on Zhanxi Road,Guangzhou City 广州市站西路24号欧陆鞋城

Metro:Line 2 or line 5 to Guangzhou railway station, Exit F.

Category: shoes


Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City (广州金马鞋业城)

Description: Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City is in Guangzhou`s Zhan Xi Road 39#,first and second floor of Jin Feng Building. It is one of the largest wholesale market concentrate in the footwear industry. The business area is over 1,800 square meters.

Address: Zhan Xi Road No. 39, Guangzhou 广州市站西路39号

Category: shoes, shoe-making materials


New Continent Footwear Plaza (广州新大陆鞋城)

Description: New Continent Footwear Plaza covers an area of 3,000 square meters, and is adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station, Bus Station, BaiyunAirPort. In 2002, NewContinentFootwearPlaza launches onto the market a new gazing stock: Ya-Yuan Section, which is a part of the whole Plaza aiming at hosting professional dealers of feather materials, shoe-making materials too.The launch of Ya-Yuan Section enriches the variety of products in NewContinentFootwearPlaza.

Address: No.12 Zhan Xi Road, Guangzhou, China. 广州市站西路12号新大陆鞋城

Category: shoes, shoe-making materials












Metropolis Shoes City (广州大都市鞋城)

Description: Metropolis Shoes City covers an areaof 22,000 square meters, and has about 800 shops. The market sells Asian-Style shoes mainly for kids and woman with mid-range quality with mid-range price.

Address: No.88 Jiefang South Road, Guangzhou, China. 广东省广州市解放南路88号大都市鞋城


Guangzhou HuaNan Shoes wholesale city is combined with XinHua Nan shoes City and HuaNan shoes city, it’s located at South of Guangzhou DA Dao Road, with area of 100,000 meter square, more 700 booths, it’s the biggest shoes wholesales market in South China. Including child’s shoes, sandales, sneakers, slippers. ect. The producers come from all ovr china. And sale to GuangDong, and to aboard the soutt East Asia, European, Middle East ect.
Address: 1629 Guangzhou da dao nan, Haizhu District, Guangzhou