Guangzhou is a city that is strategically located along the banks of the Pearl River. This makes it an excellent port for foreign trade. Perhaps this is why Guangzhou business is thriving and vibrant. The heart of China trade in Guangzhou is its wholesale market, which is available in abundance across the city and caters to a wide variety of industries and products. In fact, for the entire South China as well as the foreign world, Guangzhou serves as the gateway to lucrative business deals.

Zhongda Fabric Market

Lighting Market

Meibo Cosmetic Market

Hotel and Kitchenware Market

Clothing Markets

Shoes Market

Toys Market

Watches Market

Leather Market

Furniture Market

Glasses Market

衣服1-300x158Guangzhou Clothing Markets  皮具1-300x158Guangzhou Leather Markets  眼镜-300x158Guangzhou Glass Markets

Guangzhou Electronics Markets


Guangzhou Furniture Markets

酒店用品1-300x158Guangzhou Hotel Articles Markets
7-300x1591-300x159Guangzhou Watch Markets 8-300x1581-300x158Guangzhou Toy Markets 9-300x1581-300x158

Guangzhou Lighting Markets


Guangzhou Cosmetic Markets


Guangzhou Fabric Markets


Guangzhou Shoes Markets

Guangdong province is well known for its electronic goods, fabrics and leather accessories. This is what you can easily get at the wholesale market

in Guangzhou.The most commonly sold products include leather goods and accessories,garments and fabrics, hotel articles, kitchenware, porcelain,

toys and gift items, computers, electronic gadgets and accessories, mobiles, antique and jade jewelry, lighting equipment, office stationery and

equipment, auto and motorcycle parts, watches, glasses and even furniture. Given the vast nature of goods that are available, it is hardly surprising

that people often prefer to visit Guangzhou during their last stage of the China tour to ensure that they can shop to their heart’s content.




When planning a shopping trip to the wholesale distribution market in Guangzhou, make sure that you leave your hotel early and are comfortably dressed with good shoes for walking. It is important to understand that this place is really huge and covers a lot of walking distance. What’s more – there are two such wholesale markets, each opposite the other, making it really easy for you to shop but necessitating long walks.



Secondly, it is important to remember that the rate of wholesale goods depends on the cost, the quantity being purchased and the amount of bargaining that was involved. Usually, the minimum quantity allowed is 6 but this again depends on the stock available at the moment. It is always advisable to check the exact number of stock before entering into any bargaining or buying spree.

When dealing in electronics, it is crucial to ensure that you are not being fleeced. Often, it is seen that sellers will dupe you with imitation goods at a really cheap price. Always know the item you are purchasing and make sure that it is worth the money you are paying for. Else, you might get an imitation product.



It is important to remember that the level of English spoken in Guangzhou business area or the wholesale distribution market is minimal. Therefore, it is always best to have an interpreter around or at least learn the basic language and dialect before attempting to bargain. Cab drivers in the city are again not fluent in English, which is why it is advisable to carry the visiting card of the hotel you are staying along with other relevant travel information written down, so that you can travel without any hassle.




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