Guangzhou watch market

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Replica watches, no-name watches and Chinese brand watches, at very reasonable prices. There is a huge selection of watches and fittings at Zhangxi lu near the railway station. We cover the whole area in just one page, although it contains several seperated wholesale marketsTheGuangzhouwatch wholesale market is the largest inChinan and probably the world. It is actually a whole area filled with large and small wholesale centers with thousands of suppliers offering all kinds of watches, watch accessories and watch fittings.

You will find fake brand watches of OK quality here for a reasonable price, and local Chinese brands of all qualities. Among the international brands found here are:

Tag Heuer
Here is a list of some the watch markets in this area. The list is not complete – you will find many more of different sizes and shapes. Just enjoy your walk, you will find what you are looking for.


Dongfeng Watchmakers
Mongkok international watch centre
Southern Trade Center of Horologe 南方钟表城
ZhanXi KowLoon Watch Center 站西九龙钟表城
Southern Watch Trade Centre 南方钟表交易中心
New KowLoon Watch Center 新九龙钟表城
SanYi Watch city 三一钟表城
For watch fittings, batteries and accessories you can go to Dongfeng Watchmakers.

For cheap watches go to Dongfeng watchmakers or Mongkok international watch centre