Toys and gift items wholesale markets

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One Link plaza and other markets close to Haizhu square are the most popular toy and gift wholesale markets for foreigners. You can easily do retail here, although at a higher price. Don’t forget to bargain.

Onelink plaza, toy and gift items

Onelink plaza is a 7 floor shopping mall and is popular among many foreigners for wholesale or retail buying. There are a few wholesale markets with similar products around here and therefore it attracts a lot of tourists and locals as well. You are guaranteed to find this to be a busy and energetic market. You can usually buy small quantities here, and don’t forget to bargain.


OnelinkPlaza,NO.39 Jie Fang South Road.

Take line 2 to Haizhu square. Exit B2, then walk straight ahaed for about 300 metres. You see One Link Plaza in front of you at the first big crossroads.

Yide Toys and Gifts Wholesale Centre

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Yide Lu International Toys and Gifts market is located at Yide Lu, close toOneLinkPlaza. It is mainly focused on toys, small gift items, stationery and accessories. It is a smaller version ofOneLinkPlaza, and usually a bit cheaper. I even have the feeling that sometimes the One Link plaza shops go here to buy in wholesale and then sell their products at a higher price in their own booth.

How to get there

Take metro line 2 to Haizhu Square, take exit B2, turn right on Yide Lu, walk beyond One Link plaza for another 400 meters and then you’ll see it. On your way you will pass a decorations market, fish and fruit market and a catholic church.