Foshan Ceramics City

Foshan Ceramics has good quality,rich varieties,and is fully fumished outside,furthermore,the innovation is also the strengths of Foshan Ceramics.The new products,new colors,new technology,new equipment in the major ceramics producing areas mostly come from Foshan.It can be said,Foshan Ceramics represents the development direction of Chinese cersmic industry.In Foshan,there are many large ceramic enterprises,which greatly exceeded other areas.The number of Chinese Famous Trademark of ceramics industry is more than a half Foshan ceramics in many other markets has a high profile and strong market penetration,while the majority of Foshan ceramic enterprises mainly has large scale and the strong ability of anti-risk.The total area of Foshan ceramics professional market is more than 1 million square meters of which the ChineseCreamic Exhibition City covers 600,000 square meters,and some wholesale ceramics markets like :the International Ceramics Exhibition Center,Huanan market,Zhiye MARKET,Huayi decoration market,Shagang Ceramics market,and the professional ceramics street like Jiangwan road,Nanzhuang Avenue with annual sales of more than 10 billion RMB!

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