Computer, mobile and electronics market

Tianhe area has multiple wholesale markets as well as retail shops for anything computer related.

New  Asia mobile phone accessories market

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Near Kangwang Nan lu is a street with several wholesale markets selling mobile phone accessories ,Such as Phone cases, screen protectors, pouches, laptop bags, lanyards, and all kinds of related items. One of these markets in the New Asia building, which has at least 8 floors filled with these product. There are a few other large markets in the same street, and also near the river.

The other markets are among others:
-Nanfang building near the waterfront
-Guangzhou electronic city
-Nantai market
-Liansheng market
-New culture park electronics and digital market
-Linian electronic and game accessories city

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The products you’ll find here are:
-mobile phones
-mobile phone accessories
-bluetooth headset
-USB flasher
-data cable
-card reader and memory card
-repair tools for mobile phone
-silicon case
-leather case
-stylus pen
-mobile phone spare parts like LCD display, flex cable, touch screen, and small parts like microphone, camera, buzzer, charger connector

You can buy replica phones here. A price example for replica iphone 4 is 700 RMB. We haven’t checked the quality of that though.


Pacific Computer Market (太平洋电脑城)

Buy Wholesale Computer Products! Easy purchases direct from China. 100% quality assured!
Pacific computer market is one of largest computer market in China.
Lies in the downtown Guangzhou,convinent transportation ,make it
easily to get by bus and metro.

More than thousand of
stores supply a rich selection of Notebook, brand
computers, computer spare part,software,Mp3,MP4,PSP,Digital camera, main board, Memory
and any other things connected to computers.

Metro: Gangding(岗顶) stop.

Printer Material Market 天河科技街

At Wushan Lu you will find the printer material market. A small market dedicated to printing supplies, ink, toner and other printing related products.

Metro: Line 3 toSouthChinaNormalUniversity. Exit C. When you get out, turn right and then right again at the corner of the metro building. Then walk 30 meters and when you cross the next small street you are there.

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre


Both are actually retail markets that pool all levels of electric appliances, including most big brands. However, the prices the businessmen claim in this sort of markets are usually fairly flexible, you may find the bargaining skill can help your pocket a lot. And if you are a real know-how, you can get what you want at an amazingly practical price.

Products: all sorts of electric appliances including TV sets, DVD players and audio products.

Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre, No. 9 – 19, Dongfeng Xi Lu, Guangzhou (广州市东风西路9-19号)
Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre, No. 23 – 45, Dongfeng Xi Lu,Guangzhou (广州市东风西23-45号)

Zhong Liu Computer Market


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Buy Wholesale Computer Products! Easy purchases direct from China. 100% quality assured!
Zhong Liu Computer Market lies in zhongshan liu lu, close tobeijing road.

products include: computers, computer spare parts, digital products, Mp3, MP4, PSP, Digital camera, main boards, memory
and any other things connected to computers.

opposite to XiMenKou station.