There are about 1000 wholesale markets,which cover construction area nine million square metre and deal with more than 40 types of commodities,it has formed a fairly complete system of wholesale markets with clear functions after development foe a few years.

For example,mensa leather material no.1 center,Baiyun World Leather Trade Center,Zhongao Leather Town,Zhonggang Leather Town,Zhonggao Leather Town and Xinxing Leather Town represent leather wholesale markets group at Sanyuanli and Ziyuangang.Baiyun World Clothing Trading Cebtre,Guangzhou International Textiles City represent garment fabric and accsseseries wholesale markets group at Zhongda area;Baima,Tianma,Liuhua,Xindadi Market represent clothing wholesale markets group at Zhanqian Road;Zhongshan Ba Lu Children Clothing Market represent children clothing wholesale markets group;Guangzhou International Shoes Plazza,Baiyun Shoes World,West Town Shoes Plazza,Tianhe Shoes Town,Wangguo Children Town Shoes Plazza represent shoes market group along Zhanxi Road to Guangyuan Road West;Wanling Toy Market,Debao Shopping Plazza represent toys wholesale market group on Yide Road.

There are a few large-scale wholesale markets,such as Guangzhou Sky Metro City,Guanzghou International Toys & Gifts City,Guanzghou Nantian International Hotel Facility Trading Center,Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City,which are quite famous for professional feature in Guangzhou.

The wholesale markets are famous all over the world especially in China for their clear functions,strong regional features,concentrated and plentiful commodities and complete types .Every year,many businessmen all over the world are attracted to purchase

a large number of commodities,which has efficiently promoted the economy development especially that in toursm and services circles.