1.Huadu Leather City


Huadu Leather City mainly distribute,wholesale leather goods,leather materials,leather accessories.Shiling Leather City has been identified as one of the national especially supported professional market by the Cina Leather Industry Association... 
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2.Foshan Ceramics City

Foshan Ceramics has good quality,rich varieties,and is fully fumished outside,furthermore,the innovation is also the strengths of Foshan Ceramics...
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3.Shunde Lecong Furniture Professional market

The furniture stores in Lecong,many manufactures have settled here,so,every furniture store have the function of both wholesale and retailing,while others will make wholesalers satisfied...
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4.Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic Market

Huaqiang North electronics’s matching market price integrates with the international market,not only is ‘barometer“ of the electronic national matching market but also influence the Southeast Asia,Europe and America region...
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5.Chenghai Toy City

Chenghai tou city has experienceed exponential growth in the last 15 years,due to the efficiency of the local people,who are very sharp,and extremly hard working...
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6.Chaozhou wedding city

Chaozhou wedding city is very famous around the world,it’s a professional bridal gowns and bridal party dresses design and manufacturing market located in southeast China...
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7.Chaozhou ceramics market

Chaozhou is the famous ceramics production base and trade center in southern China, the history of Chaozhou ceramics production has been 1300 years...
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8.China Lighting City

Guzhen is located in the northwest of Zhongshan City which is the hometown of Dr.Sun Yat-sen. Guzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau SARs with a total area of 47.8 square kms. It has a registered population of about 70,000 and a floating population of over 100,000...
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9.Zhongshan Long Rui International Garment City

Zhongshan Long Rui International Garment City,is currently the largest clothing wholesale market in Zhongshan,upgraded from Long Rui commodity market on September 19,2011.Location and conveninent transporttation...
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