One-stop Solution for Visiting Canton Fair

Our Company in Fair

Our company is near the canton fair, you can walk to the canton fair in 5 minutes. And we have always participated in the Canton Fair



1. We can be your translator and interpreter, follow your orders, and consolidate all the goods.

2. We can source products to catch your market demand and source reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

3. We can do the Quality Control, Delivery Time Control, Package Control, Lab Test Control.

4. We can make, Branding, Graphic Design, Printing Solutions, Barcode Reading Test.

5. We can arrange the Transportation, Booking Containers, Loading Container and Inspection.

6. We can make Issue Invitation Letter, Hotel Booking, Airport Pick up.

If you are looking for the daily consumer goods, we suggest you come to yiwu,where the price is lower and the types are more abundant.

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Services / Facilities You May Need:

☑ Good Information – for good decisions.

This is VERY IMPORTANT! For example, we’re informed of the HK to Yiwu non-stop flight at a first time. This info can be of great help for working out a better itinerary. *Rate for this service: FREE

☑ Business Invitation Letter – for obtaining a visa to China.

*Rate for this service: FREE

☑ Help with fair pre-registration and getting fair badge in advance – to save time on the fair day.

*Rate for this service: FREE

☑ Help with China domestic air tickets and Guangzhou hotel booking – for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

We can make all these hassles surprisingly easy for you. AND we can offer good recommendations because we’re LOCAL and we know THE LOCAL. We can recommend you the descent hotels within walking distance to the fair venue by simply sending you a booking link. *Rate for this service: FREE

☑ Arrange airport pick-up – for a seamless transaction from airport to your hotel.

Our drivers are careful-driving, punctual and very EXPERIENCED. Our cars are all well-insured. You’ll feel safe and reliable with us. This is very unlike many other drivers and cars. AND our rates are also affordable.

*Rate for this service:

1-way Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport -> Guangzhou’s Hotel near Canton Fair complex: 300 RMB or 50USD

1-way Shenzhen Airport -> Guangzhou’s Hotel near Canton Fair complex: 600 RMB or 100USD

☑ Fair Guide(English – Español – Português – Français – Pусский – 한국어 – 日本語 – اللغة العربية) – to help with directions, languages, taking notes, and following up orders when necessary.

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Without a good guide and a trustworthy agent, FEW people can have successful business from Guangzhou.

*Rate for this: 400 CNY (67 USD) / day, PLUS 100 RMB (15 USD) for the guide’s fair badge. This 100 RMB (15 USD) will be handed to Canton fair organizer directly.

☑ Follow up order when necessary, including:

place orders, down pay deposits, follow up production, arrange warehousing, collect orders, do QC and down pay suppliers(in most cases you need to pay off the balance before this day), watch container loading, ship out container to your nearest port(CIF) or to our nearest port(FOB), do customs declaration, prepare customs papers, send out customs papers, invoices, and B/L for you to claim your container when it arrives, help with necessary after-wards communication between you and suppliers. – For above services, we charge a commission (1% ~ 5%) based on your grant purchase value and total numbers of suppliers.


Welcome to Guangzhou to visit Canton Fair!