Consumer Goods

Kitchenware & Tableware

Stainless Steel /Enamel Containers

Dining Table Items and Decorations

General Ceramics

Tableware, Kitchenware and Daily Use Ceramics for Family/Hotel Use

Household Items

Cleaning Products/General Houseware

Personal Care Products

Tooth Care Products: Tooth Paste/Tooth Brush


Bathroom Products/ Bath Appliances

Pet Products & Food

Pet Toys/ Pet Training Products


Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments

Clock & Watch Parts

Spectacles /Spectacle Accessories


Baby Toys

Action Toys/Educational Games & Toys

Plush and Cloth Toys/Riding Toys

Other Toys and Toys Accessories

Gifts and Premiums

Traditional Chinese Art Crafts

Jewellery, Bone Carvings and Jade Sculptures

Marketing Gifts and Premiums

Festival Products

Party Supplies & Decorations

Holidays Supplies and Decorations

Home Decorations

Art Ceramics

Horticultural and Gardening Ceramics and others

Glass Artware

Glassware/Glass Decorations/Other Glass Artware

Weaving, Rattan and Iron products

Bamboo Crafts/ Wood Crafts/Grass Crafts/Wickerwork

Home Decorations

Decorative Candles, Candles Holders and Related Products and others

Gardening Products

Flowers and Nursery Stocks

Stone/Iron Decoration & Outdoor Spa Equipment

Stone Decorations, Stones, Iron Craft, and other Outdoor Decorations


Furniture of Traditional Chinese Style and others


Amanda International Group

Our company is near the canton fair, so we can give you the one stop solution


We can be your translator and interpreter, follow your orders, and consolidate all

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manufacturers and suppliers.

We can do the Quality Control, Delivery Time Control, Package Control, Lab Test


We can make, Branding, Graphic Design, Printing Solutions, Barcode Reading Test.

We can arrange the Transportation, Booking Containers, Loading Container and Inspection.

We can make Issue Invitation Letter, Hotel Booking, Airport Pick up.

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