We Can Give You The Invitation Letter for visa to Guangzhou China For Free

What is invitation letter?

The official name of invitation letter is Authorized Notification For Visa Application. It is issued by authorized Chinese government departments such as Economic and Trade Ministry or Foreign Affairs Office of different cities or provinces, and it is used to invite foreigners to visit China for business. Foreigners can apply for F visa with invitation letter in local Chinese embassy or consulates.
Normally foreigners can get visa with an invitation letter, for the letter is official and authoritative, while there is still risk that Chinese embassy may reject him or her, based on their comprehensive evaluation on security, politics and records of the foreigner etc.

Some tips:

1) We offer invitation letters to customers who choose us as their Guangzhou agent (Guangzhou Market Sourcing Services and One Stop Solution Services for visiting Canton fair) for FREE.


2) Any invitation letter issued is an informal letter and no guarantees are made about the China visa application process.


3) For holders of most countries’ passports, no invitation letter is required when applying for short term visas upon arrival at a China port.

4) If you come from: Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Benin, etc. please pay 900USD to get the government invitation letter. 

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If you need us offer invitation letters for business visa applications to visit Guangzhou China:

please fill the forms below or send us an email (sales@gzamanda.com), we will answer your email in 24 hours.

When you get the email, please check the attached file, fill all the blanks in English , send back to us, we will sign,

stamp, scan and send back to you.
Then you go to Visa Consulate, Embassy of China, your country.

Please note that the Invitation Letter is simply our value added service.We can offer you with the Invitation for free if you adopt our 1 Stop Export Solution when you are sourcing in China; otherwise,you need to pay $500 for the Invitation Letter instead, which is all collected before sourcing. After placing an order, this fee will be served as the deposit of goods.