Guangzhou Trade Agent
You need a reliable guangzhou trade agent if you do intl trade and business in Guangzhou or export containers from Guangzhou market.

Trade agent services in Guangzhou China

Our professional group assures that you will have the best products at the best price, since Amanda Company has immediate access to reliable and excellent suppliers in Guangzhou Market. Our complete set of services will ensure you the success of all your business operations:

  • Manufacturers search, quotation, and price negotiation
  • Purchasing and orders following
  • Quality control
  • Guided tour to factories, showrooms and to the most important wholesale markets in Guangzhou market
  • Custom clearance and all necessary documentation.
  • Sea, air, inland transportation service
  • English, Spanish, French interpretation and translation (Guangzhou translation service)
  • National and domestic transportation service
  • Hotel reservation

When you directly deal with real manufacturers and the best suppliers, you are able to obtain great results which will influence the expansion of your business, to increase your benefits, to offer new products and to have more advantage over your competitors.
Amanda Intl Group , your one stop import export trade business sourcing agent partner in Guangzhou China. If you are looking for trade agent in Guangzhou China, please feel free to contact us.