Guangzhou Purchasing Agent
Want to find an ideal Guangzhou purchasing agent in Guangzhou market? Amanda Intl Group is your best choice.
If you are planning to visit Guangzhou China, this Guangzhou market purchasing service (Guangzhou purchasing agent, Guangzhou purchasing agency, Guangzhou purchasing broker, Guangzhou purchase agent) is for you.
We can help you:
1.Plan your itinerary to Guangzhou and other cities in China
2.Pick you up at the Guangzhou Baiyun airport, or Shenzhen Baoan airport and Guangzhou bus/ train stations.
3.Reserve Guangzhou hotels with discounts, Book your return air tickets at disounted prices
4.Guangzhou Wholesale markets tour guiding
5.Interpretation and negotiation with sellers for lowest prices. Unlike most other Guangzhou agents, we do NOT take any kickbacks from any sellers.
6.Receive and warehouse goods you purchase from sellers
7.Quality inspection of goods received, quantity check against invoices
8.Custom clearance and Chinese government export regulations compliance
9.Supervise container loading to ensure maxium CBM is achieved; Save you on wareshousing cost of leftover goods and realize more profits with more goods loaded
10.Freight forward your goods to any destination ports, or door to door delivery
Our service fees are either a small percentage of your total goods value or a fixed rate per container. Our commission rate is the lowest, low to 1%.
Are you looking for a reliable Guangzhou purchasing agency? Do you need Guangzhou purchasing agent services in Guangzhou market in Guangdong china, please feel free to contact us. Amanda Company can be your professional Guangzhou purchasing agent.