Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances

  • Consumer Electronics and Information Products :Audio-video Products, Digital Entertainment Products,Communications,Power Supply Products, Computer Products.
  • Electronic and Electrical Products:Electronic Security equipment,Business Automation Equipment,Electric Equipment,New and Renewable Energy.
  • Household Electrical Appliances:Kitchen Appliances,Refrigerators & Refrigeration Equipment, Air Conditioners & Ventilation
Lighting Equipment

· Application of Illumination System: Industry Lighting, Decorative Lighting, Emergency and Security Lighting, Entertainment and Stage Lighting, Office, Advertising and Exhibition Lighting, Outdoor Lighting.

· Electric Light Source: Fluorescent Lamps, Energy Saving Lamps, Incandescent Lamps, Neon Lamps, Neon Lights, Iodine Tungsten Lamps, Magnesian Lamps, Bromine Tungsten Lamps

· Light Fittings: Lamp Shades, Lamp Posts, Optical fiber, Lamp Plates, Lamp Holders, Lamp Caps, Ballasts, Voltage Stabilizers.

Vehicles & Spare Parts

· Bicycles: Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters

· Bicycle Parts

· Motorcycles, Beach Cars

· Motorcycle Parts

· Vehicle Spare Parts

· Tires

· Vehicle Spare Parts & Optimization Equipment

· Maintenance & Related Products

· Vehicle Decorations

· Non-construction Vehicles


Power Machinery and Electric Power

Large Machinery & Equipment:Complete Sets of Equipment: Production Lines of Various Light Industry Products

General Machinery, Small Processing Machinery and Industrial Accessories:Camera Instruments, Printing Apparatus,Household Sewing Machines & Spare Parts,  Weaving Supplies,Transport Equipment,Vehicle Equipment Maintenance

Construction and Agriculture Machinery:Small Construction Vehicles,Agriculture and Forestry Machinery,Gardening Machinery,Agricultural and Sideline.

Hardware & Tools

Hardware:Furniture Hardware, Building Hardware, Decorative Hardware, Doors and Windows Hardware, Bathroom Hardware & Fittings, Iron Craft Products, Locks & Fittings, Wire Meshes, Welding Materials, Low Pressure Valves, Water-heating Equipment, Cast Iron Products, Castings and Forgings, Fasteners, Trolley/Platform Trolley & Fittings, Storage Racks/Brackets & Fittings, Fire-fighting Equipment, and other hardware products

Tools: Measuring Tools, Grinding Tools, Cutlery, Manual Tools, Electric Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Welding Tools, Mechanical Tools, Cutting Tools, Farming Tools

Building Materials

Building and Decorative Materials:General Building Materials, Metal Building Materials, Chemical Building Materials, Glass Building Materials, Cement Products, Fireproof Materials, Heat Preservation Materials, Thermal Insulation Materials, HVAC/Cooling Equipment and Accessories,Coatings/Chemistry,Pipe Fittings,Decoration Materials:Wood Floor,Ceiling/Curtain Wall/Wallpaper and Indoor Decorations,Doors & Windows,Stone Materials,Glass.

Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment:Sanitary Ceramics, Bathtubs, Bathroom Units, Showers, Taps, Bathroom Hanging Accessories, Bathroom Mirrors, Bathroom Furniture

Chemical Products

Inorganic Chemicals:Chemical Elements, Inorganic Acids and Inorganic Oxygen Compounds of Non-metals, Halogen or Sulphur Compounds of Non-metals, Inorganic Bases and Oxides, Hydroxides and Peroxides of Metals,

Miscellaneous,Organic Chemicals:Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives, Acyclic Alcohols and Their Derivatives, Phenols and Phenolalcohols and Their Derivatives, Ethers and Their Derivatives, Aldehyde-function Compounds, Ketone-function Compounds and Quinone-function Compounds, Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives.

Energy Resources

New Energy Resources :

· Solar Photovoltaic Products

· Solar Cell and Module

· Photovoltaic Application Products

· Photovoltaic Engineering and System

· Photovoltaic Raw Materials

· Photovoltaic Production Equipment

· Solar-thermal Products:Solar Water Heater, Solar-assisted Heat Pump, Solar Thermal Collector, Solar Air Conditioner, Other Optothermal Products and Accessories

· Wind Power Products and Accessories

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