Hongkong to Guangzhou

Are you  from HongKong? Do you want to come to Guangzhou?Hong Kong is a famous trading and shopping city in Asia. Welcome to Guangzhou via Hongkong!

Fly directly from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Everyday ,there are 4 Direct flight from HongKong international airport(HKG) to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport(CAN).

#1Departure 08:05, Arrival 08:55,KA782/CX6782

#2Departure 13:10, Arrival 13:55,CZ304

#3Departure 17:50, Arrival 18:30,CZ634

#4Departure 20:55, Arrival 21:45,KA786/CX6786


Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou.

From Hong Kong Airport, subway to Hung Hom subway station, take cities express train to Guangzhou East Train Station.

#1Departure 07:25, Arrival 09:24,T821

#2Departure 08:15, Arrival 10:12,T824

#3Departure 09:24, Arrival 11:23,T820

#4Departure 10:52, Arrival 12:51,T804

#5Departure 11:32, Arrival 13:26,T808


#11Departure 18:44 Arrival 20:43,T816

#12Departure 20:01, Arrival 22:00,T802


Other options from Hong Kong to Guangzhou

Apart from the two main ways mentioned above,you can also go by Passanger liner or Direct bus,if it is convenient for you.


Please note that the data is for reference only.