Have you ever been to Guangzhou, China? Guangzhou is the third largest city in China


Guangzhou (also romanized as: Canton; less-commonly known as Kwangchow) is the capital and largest city of Guangdongprovince in South China. Located on the Pearl River, about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau, Guangzhou serves as an important national transportation hub and trading port. One of the five National Central Cities, it holds sub-provincial administrative status.

Guangzhou is the third-largest Chinese city and the largest city in South Central China. As of the 2010 census, the city’s administrative area had a population of 12.78 million.Some estimates place the population of the entire Pearl River Delta Mega City built-up area as high as 40 million including Shenzhen (10.36 million), Dongguan (8.22 million), most parts of Foshan(7.19 million), Jiangmen (4.45 million), Zhongshan (3.12 million) and a small part of Huizhou adjoining Dongguan and Shenzhen, with an area of about 20,000 square kilometres (7,700 sq mi).


History Of Guangzhou

Formerly known as Canton in the West, the city of Guangzhou has a history dating back roughly 2,500 years.

Although the actual origins of the city are lost in the mists of time, the most popular legend tells of five celestial beings riding into the area that

is now Guangzhou on five rams and carrying sheaves of rice. The celestials bestowed blessings on the land and offered the sheaves to the

people of the city as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. After the celestials left, the rams turned into stone, and Guangzhou quickly developed

into an affluent and influential city. Due to this legend, Guangzhou has gained several popular nicknames: Yangcheng (City of Rams),Suicheng

(Sheaves of Rice City) and Wuyangcheng (City of Five Rams). In addition, due to the abundance of flowers along the city’s main thoroughfares,

Guangzhou is often referred to as Huacheng(City of Flowers).


Guangzhou Geography

Geographical coordinates:

23° 08′ North, 113° 17′ East

Guangzhou is part of the Pearl River Delta and the city centre is situated next to the Baiyun Mountain, which is locally referred to as “the lung of the city”.The total area under the city’s administration is 7,434.4 square kilometres.

The elevation of the prefecture generally increases from southwest to northeast, with mountains forming the backbone of the city, and the ocean comprising the front. Tiantang Peak (meaning Peak of Paradise in Chinese), which stands 1,210 m (3,970 ft) above sea level, is the highest mountain in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Economy

Since ancient times, Guangzhou as an important port of China’s foreign trade ,not only is the political, economic and cultural center of Guangdong, but also a major transportation hub linking abroad. Guangzhou Foreign Trade has developed a long history, and has been hailed the “Maritime Silk Road,” From 1957 onwards, each two of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, has been held here.
Guangdong is the world’s largest toy, footwear, leather goods and other industrial production base, with the power of the industrial base, Guangzhou toys, footwear, leather goods and other specialty markets, have formed or are forming “Guangzhou price”cover China and the world.

Guangzhou Restaurant

Guangzhou has a wide range of restaurants to offer,foods can be tasted from every country around the globe,such as Chinese food,Southeast Asian food, Western food etc.Below features a vairiety of the very best restaurants in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Nightlife

Guangzhou has an excellent nightlife scene with a large choice of bars and nightclubs to be enjoyed.
You can go to bars,SPA clubs or KTV,just enjoy yourselves.

Ture color bar

Famous bar in Guangzhou but expensive
ADD:No.276 Yanjiang zhong road,Yuexiu district.

Back Street

Back street 38 is a jazz bar & restaurant surrounded by a lovely bamboo forest.
ADD:East gate of Guangdong Museum of Arts, Ersha Dao,No.38 Yanyu road.

Xiaoshan (Little hill) Bar

Introduction:Great atmosphere, good food. One of the favorites for the expats in the city.
ADD:Outside Baiyun Hotel, No.367 Huanshi Dong Rd.

Introduction:One of the most premium place of night life and vogue in Guangzhou. Hot, chic and expensive. Full range of liquor.
ADD:No.163 Tianhe Bei road,Xiju PTV,3F