Since ancient times, Guangzhou as an important port of China’s foreign trade ,not only is the political, economic and cultural center of Guangdong, but also a major transportation hub linking abroad. Guangzhou Foreign Trade has developed a long history, and has been hailed the “Maritime Silk Road,” From 1957 onwards, each two of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, has been held here.
Guangdong is the world’s largest toy, footwear, leather goods and other industrial production base, with the power of the industrial base, Guangzhou toys, footwear, leather goods and other specialty markets, have formed or are forming “Guangzhou price”cover China and the world.
“China produces shoes accounted for 60% of the world, Guangdong accounted for 30% more of the world, the world every three people in Guangdong had a person wearing shoes!” Huang Zhixiong Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers Association executive director, said to reporters. According to customs statistics, last year the export of nearly four billion pairs of footwear, Guangdong accounted for nearly two billion pairs, the products are exported worldwide total of more than 190 countries on six continents and regions.
Toy industry situation is even more prominent. According to the Guangdong Toy Association Vice President and Secretary General Li Zhuoming revealed that Guangdong Province has been China’s toy-producing provinces, production has accounted for more than 70 percent of the country, the country more than 8,000 toy manufacturers in Guangdong has more than more than 4,500. Chenghai, Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places around the world are important toy production base, more than 50% of annual production accounts worldwide. In 2003, the output value of 80 billion yuan in Guangdong toy, 2004, the total amount of the Guangdong toy exports amounted to $ 8.99 billion.