My name is Alex from USA. We are running five antique shops. I used to purchase over the world, especially China for it is a country has five thousand years’ civilization. And I have been China for couple of years. One of my Chinese friends told me I should talk a journey to Guangzhou Market. At...   More
Thanks for your professionalism – Guangzhou Amanda Intl Group. My partner and I are very satisfied of our visit in Guangzhou. Thanks MS. Lucy. Be Very familiar with the market and products, great in English-Chinese translation, careful in purchasing & taking photos. Thanks Amanda, so many well-trained staffs. And thanks connie, the boss of Guangzhou Amanda Intl...   More
Stephan Eaglefree
Guangzhou market impressed me at the first time. The commodities made me daze. The business had ever made me exhausted. Now Amanda Yiwu agent makes it very easy for me. We have a chain supermarket. Every three months, I used to go to many cities to purchase. One of friends told me that maybe I should...   More
Miriam Wisebull
Hello everyone. I’d like to share my experience of business in China. At first, please allow me to have an introduction of myself. My name is Wade. I come from UK. A few years ago, I had opened a toy company with my friend. After graduating from university, we began to set up our business...   More
Alex Bluemarine
This is my first time been Guangzhou, China. I’m a native wholesaler in my small town, I realize the Guangzhou market is a market that provide various of products, in order to know the market well, I been there. After been Guangzhou, I lived in the hotel, at that time, nearly 22:00, and it’s all because...   More
My name is Jacky. The journey to Guangzhou market is very impressive. I would like to share the experience with you. I heard about Guangzhou market a few months ago. After I contacted with my agent Guangzhou Amanda Company, I took airplane to Guangzhou China. The agent company sent the driver to pick me up from Guangzhou Baiyun airport. I...   More
Nicolas Blackriver
For me, I am totally fine. Who is me? I am Ewan from USA doing business of toy and school supply wholesales. I am not good at doing business with high pressure from inner competition in the US. But what, I find a way to avoid that and even do business better and easier with...   More
James Richardson
My name is Kevin from USA running a supermarket. To be frankly, it is not a bad experience in getting commodities from internal wholesalers. But after connecting with Guangzhou Amanda Intl Group and spending a week in Guangzhou China, I realize the cost I have to stand is much lower than that in the US. Having the...   More
Tiffany Firebird
I am Colum McCann from Canada having three stores in different parts of Toronto. It sounds great to tell you how to get more profits like me. Let’s share!!!!!!!!!! It is a small business, under the crisis, which seems hard for me to insist. But maybe I am a lucky guy. Unconsciously, I connected with...   More
Jennifer Greenfield
I am Jack from Sweden. I have three shops in my country focusing on daily life supplies. Usually I purchase on Internet with international supplies. However, it takes us much time and also the quality can not be guaranteed. One day when I came across a piece of news about the Guangzhou Market. I become interested...   More
South Africa