This trip I been here together with my husband, we are the wholesaler seller in Poland, and this is the first time we been Guangzhou.

We flied at Hongkong almost at 15:00, the driver and the employee Robert of Amanda were waiting us at the airport gate and then took us to Guangzhou,the driver and robert were very kind, we talked a lot in the car. Nearly 17:30 we been Guangzhou, and went to the  Amanda Intl Group Ltd., again to meet the manager Connie, still a very nice person.


General talk about our schedule, and they drive us to the hotel which they have booked for us in advance. Everything begins the next day, we are not familiar with the market for the first time here. but Robert guided us to the exact places that we wanted to go and see, and he was a good translator for us, solving the problem of communication. Total 6 days stayed in Guangzhou, we visited many different clothing markets, and we found many cheap but high quality clothing here. we finished all our task, even to visit some other places in Guangzhou

And they worked very quickly to deal with our order, arranging the container, after we arrived at Poland five days later, we received our goods. I felt really satisfied with their service.