I’m a wholesaler in my native country, I wrote it after the second time I been Foshan China, for more kinds of goods to be choose. The furniture I ordered before are well-selling in our country, it’s all because of the unbeatable price and the quality is very well.

Foshan city is really the paradise of the furniture, any kinds of the furniture can be found here, even some special furniture you didn’t see before. Connie and robert from Amanda Group helped me buy in the market, I’m major on the furniture of office and home , so we went to the Foshan furniture fair and some wholesale markets..

I spent 6 days in Foshan China, the Amanda Group help me to order vary furniture from the suppliers, discussed with the suppliers on the prices, the material, the structure and so on. it’s a nice rest place there, the price is good, US$50 with internet, computer and breakfast, beautiful environment. it’s really a very good choice for business person.

If you also want to buy in Foshan, Amanda Group is really a great guide agency that can give you the best service!